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low voltage frequency inverter
ModelInput Voltage (V)Adapter Motor (KW)Rated Output Current (A)Outer Size (mm) (L*W*H)
Technical Specification
InputRated voltage FrequencyT4 series: Three phase 380v, ±15%
50/60Hz ±5%
OutputVoltage FrequencyT4 series: Three phase 0-380V
Overload ability150% rated current for 30s; 180% rated current for 1s;
Heat DissipationCooling typeForced Cooling
Temperature protectionHeatsink temperature >85℃ trip protection against overheat
Fan controlHeatsink temperature> 50℃, fan forced operation, frequency inverter continue work
Control PerformanceControl modeOpen-loop vector control, V/F control

Start torqueOpen-loop vector control: 0.5Hz 180%; VF control: 0.5Hz 150%
Speed rangeOpen-loop vector control:1:150; VF control: 1:100
Speed control precisionOpen-loop vector control: ±0.2%; VF control: ±0.5%
FunctionChannel of operation commandKeyboard control, terminal control,communication control
Start modeDirect start, DC injection braking before start, speed tracking before start
DC injection brakingStart DC injection braking, stop DC injection braking
Dynamic brakingBuilt-in braking unit
Frequency source choiceKeyboard digital frequency setting, analog AVI setting, analog ACI setting, Keyboard potentiometers setting, Multiple speed operation setting, PID control setting, telecommunications setting, PLC program operation setting, UP/DW terminal increasing/Decreasing setting
Main and auxiliary frequency combination setSelect the main frequency setting or auxiliary frequency setting through terminal change
Frequency resolutionKeypad setting:0.01Hz; Analog setting: 0.1%
Carrier frequency1Khz~12Khz,
Acc/Dec time0.1~6000.0s or 0.01~600.00s
Built-in PIDBuilt-in PID controller, apply to process control occasion such as water or gas supply. Meanwhile with the sleep wake up function. Frequency inverter could save energy to the great extent possible.
Common functionSpeed tracking, Cut-off restart, fault recovery, Automatic torque promotion, Pendulum frequency operation, hopping frequency, UP/DOWN control, AVR, Overvoltage stalling protection, Rapid current-limiting, Instant power down and drop frequency operation
SignalAnalog inputAVI:0~10V
Keyboard potentiometer input: 0~10V
Analog outputAFM:0~10V or 0~20mA, Select through JP1 jumper
Digital inputA total of 28 kinds of function could be selected from S0 ~S5.
Digital output1 channel open collector output(MO1-MCM)
1 channel relay output( TA-TC normally open, TB-TC normally closed;
Communication PortCommunication protocolBased on RS485 hardware, support standard MODBUS protocol.
Display FunctionsFour digital tube displayCan monitor the operation state of frequency inverter flexibly and conveniently.
Protection FunctionVarious protection functionsIncluding overvoltage, over-current, overheat, overload, under-voltage, short circuit, ground fault, input and output default phase, protect the frequency inverter running reliably all-round.

Installation Environment

RequirementAmbient temperature-10℃~+40℃(ambient temperature is within 40℃~50℃, derating use is required), not allow to contact direct sunlight.
HumidityLess than 90%RH, without
Application environmentNon-corrosive, flammable, explosive, dust absorbent material, all kinds of lint does not Accumulate.
VibrationLess than0.6G
Elevation0~1000m, reduce the rated specification 10% when lift 1000m for each.
Storage temperature-20~60℃
StructureDefend degreeIP20
Technical Advantage
Control mode
(1) VF control: Multipoint VF curve. This apply to the situation that one frequency inverter drives multiple motors, such as fan, water pump, engraving machine, injection molding machine etc.
(2) Open-loop vector control: Steady speed with high precision, wide range of speed governing, as the speed ratio is 1:150 and frequency is 0.5Hz, we could output 150% rated torque. Good dynamic performance.

Mini series sensorless vector frequency inverter, which is customized for low power motor and small volume, easy-to-use. The frequency inverter could be widely used in the industry of food, packing, textile, engraving machines, washing machine, offset machine and rolling door etc.

Why should we use a frequency inverter?
1 - Reduce Energy Consumption and Energy Costs
If you have an application that does not need to be run at full speed, then you can cut down energy costs by controlling the motor with a variable frequency drive, which is one of the benefits of frequency inverter. frequency inverter allow you to match the speed of the motor-driven equipment to the load requirement. There is no other method of AC electric motor control that allows you to accomplish this.
Electric motor systems are responsible for more than 65% of the power consumption in industry today. Optimizing motor control systems by installing or upgrading to frequency inverter can reduce energy consumption in your facility by as much as 70%. Additionally, the utilization of frequency inverter improves product quality, and reduces production costs. Combining energy efficiency tax incentives, and utility rebates, returns on investment for frequency inverter installations can be as little as 6 months.

2 - Increase Production Through Tighter Process Control
By operating your motors at the most efficient speed for your application, fewer mistakes will occur, and thus, production levels will increase, which earns your company higher revenues. On conveyors and belts you eliminate jerks on start-up allowing high through put.

3 - Extend Equipment Life and Reduce Maintenance
Your equipment will last longer and will have less downtime due to maintenance when it’s controlled by frequency inverter ensuring optimal motor application speed. Because of the frequency inverter optimal control of the motor’s frequency and voltage, the frequency inverter will offer better protection for your motor from issues such as electro thermal overloads, phase protection, under voltage, overvoltage, etc.. When you start a load with a frequency inverter you will not subject the motor or driven load to the “instant shock” of across the line starting, but can start smoothly, thereby eliminating belt, gear and bearing wear. It also is an excellent way to reduce and/or eliminate water hammer since we can have smooth acceleration and deceleration cycles.Frequency Inverter suppliers


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